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Mixed Media


This semester long course covers fundamental skills, techniques, knowledge and attitudes necessary to produce and understand visual art. Students will work with a wide variety of materials and media. The importance of the elements and principles of art, the study of specific artists, as well as the development of creative and critical thinking skills are stressed in this course.  

Concepts & Skills
  1. 3-D Design

  2. Textile Design

  3. Book Arts

  4. Formal Art Critique

  5. Expressive Mark Making

  6. Color Theory

  7. Oil Pastel Painting

Course Projects



  1. Book Arts

  2. Textiles & Textures

  3. Wood Block Printing 

  4. Wire Sculptures-Collective Consciousness

  5. Mobiles


Week 1:

Link for homework:



Course Requirements

Attendance-more than 3 unexcused absences will result in a letter grade drop.


Timeliness - students must finish projects within one week on or after the due date. 


Effort and attitude are conisdered a crucial aspect of sucess in studio culture and are integrated into each projects grading rubric.


Every effort is made to inculcate a culture of self awareness and growth as a result of assesment. 
Students recieve assessment in the following forms:


Direct individual assesment 

  • Project rubrics

  • In class written and verbal feedback

Teacher guided student centered assessment

  • Peer critique

  • Self assessment



“I have been in love with painting ever since I became conscious of it at the age of six. I drew some pictures I thought fairly good when I was fifty, but really nothing I did before the age of seventy was of any value at all. At seventy-three I have at last caught every aspect of nature–birds, fish, animals, insects, trees, grasses, all. When I am eighty I shall have developed still further and I will really master the secrets of art at ninety. When I reach a hundred my work will be truly sublime and my final goal will be attained around the age of one hundred and ten, when every line and dot I draw will be imbued with life. - from Hokusai’s ‘The Art Crazy Old Man” 
― Hokusai Katsushika

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