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Intro to Design Studio


This semester long course serves as an introduction to design thinking and studio skills. This course offers a pre-professional experience for students who are interested in exploring creative careers in the arts and design. Students will be challenged with real world problems to solve for their assignments such as: poster, costume and set design for the spring musical Rent; and a museum studies project - designing and curating a gallery event and finally, a design challenge focused on a community need.

Concepts & Skills
Course Projects


  1. The Design Process

  2. Mind Mapping

  3. Illustration

  4. Scenic Painting

  5. Street ​Stencil Art

  6. Formal Critique

  7. Theater Tech skills

  8. Fashion Illustration

  9. Set Design



  1. Poster Design - RENT

  2. Set Design - RENT

  3. Costume Design - RENT


  5. Re-Usable Frame Challenge

  6. Design for the 0ther 90%

This week's homework:



Week 1:

Watch this video-class discussion


Course Requirements

Attendance-more than 3 unexcused absences will result in a letter grade drop.


Timeliness - students must finish projects within one week on or after the due date. 


Effort and attitude are conisdered a crucial aspect of sucess in studio culture and are integrated into each projects grading rubric.


Every effort is made to inculcate a culture of self awareness and growth as a result of assesment. 
Students recieve assessment in the following forms:


Direct individual assesment 

  • Project rubrics

  • In class written and verbal feedback

Teacher guided student centered assessment

  • Peer critique

  • Self assessment



"The design process, at its best, integrates the aspirations of art, science, and culture."


- Jeff Smith

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