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Advanced Drawing


This year-long studio course is builds on traditional skills and drawing styles with the goal of attaining a mastery of a variety different drawing techniques and approaches.  Students work to attain realistic rendering and personal interpretation by communicating self expression through aesthetic choices. The goal of the course is also to produce several finished works suitable for a college portfolio and student work exhibit.

Concepts & Skills
Course Drawing Projects
  1. Value (Light and Shadow)

  2. Form, (Volume and Mass)

  3. Composition

  4. Abstraction and Realism

  5. Formal Critique

  6. 1, 2  & 3 Point Perspective

  7. Atmospheric Perspective

  8. Texture and Line

  9. Background, Middlegound and Foreground

  10. Negative And Positive Space

  11. 1:1 measurement

  12. Proportion


  1. Geometric form-still life study series

  2. Color theory & principles of design via collaborative abstract drawing

  3. Micrography portraits project

  4. 1, 2 & 3 point perspective-books



  1. Industrial ​object illustration

  2. Expressive figure drawing

  3. The figure in space

  4. Student Choice


This week's homework:


Self directed tutorial- please see teacher for take home handout.


Course Requirements

Attendance-more than 3 unexcused absences will result in a letter grade drop.


Timeliness - students must finish projects within one week on or after the due date. 


Effort and attitude are conisdered a crucial aspect of sucess in studio culture and are integrated into each projects grading rubric.


Every effort is made to inculcate a culture of self awareness and growth as a result of assesment. 
Students recieve assessment in the following forms:


Direct individual assesment 

  • Project rubrics

  • In class written and verbal feedback

Teacher guided student centered assessment

  • Peer critique

  • Self assessment



Drawing is putting a line around an idea.


-Henri Matisse

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